Let’s face it: most wine tastes good any time of the year. However, some wines just taste better in certain weather. Winter’s cold temperatures call for wines that are more full-bodied, spicy and slightly more alcoholic. Grab a glass of one of these wines, wrap yourself in your Snuggie and relax in front of the fireplace.
Cabernet Sauvignon: This red wine is extremely popular and a true classic. It ranges from medium to full-bodied, so choose one that suits your preference.

Port: This fortified sweet wine is a classic dessert or after-dinner drink. A vintage port is best, but you could also go with a tawny port or ruby port as well.

Syrah (or Shiraz): This wine is made from the Syrah grape, which is almost black, so the wine itself is a dark purple-black color. It has wonderful, intense flavors perfect for winter.

Pinot Gris (Grigio): Red wines are so perfect in the cold weather, but it can be hard to find a good white that warms you up. Pinot Gris works in the summer, but it’s powerful fragrances make it ideal for winter as well.

Riesling: Riesling is another white wine that shines in the winter-time. The flavors are very versatile and it will always warm you up.

Whether you’re a fan of red or white, any of these wines would be a welcome addition to a cold winter evening.