One of the most common tragedies in the drinking world is getting ready to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine or six pack and your opener is nowhere to be seen. There’s an immediate moment of panic and you have to figure out how to get that bottle opened. Next time you’re trapped without the proper opener here are a few tips to pop open your bottle.


The Shoe Method

Next time you’re stuck without a wine opener, place the bottom of the bottle of wine inside your shoe and bang it against the wall several times. The cork will make its way to the top, where you can remove it with your hand.


The Belt-Buckle Method

Next time you’re without an opener, don’t buckle under the pressure. Enough with the bad jokes, whip off your belt and line up one edge of the buckle tightly over the beer cap and push hard on the other edge of the buckle. Make sure to put the belt back on after or you’ll be in for a more serious problem.


The House Keys Method

You managed to remember your keys today, well done. To put them to good use, take your key and push it all the way into the side of the cork at a 45 degree angle. Next, hold the bottle and twist the key while pulling up and it should pop right out.


The Second-Bottle Method

Luckily for beers, they hardly ever travel alone. And if you’re bringing one beer with you somewhere we think you should reevaluate. Place the cap of one bottle directly under the ridged edge of another bottle’s cap. Push the top bottle down and you’ve got an open beer.


The Screw Method

Head over to your useless junk drawer of nails and screws and grab a thick screw. Twist it deep down into the cork then grab a pair of pliers to pull that bad boy out of there.


Sometimes a little improvisation is necessary to save the day in the event of an opener disaster. With any one of these tricks we hope we won’t see a bottle left behind again.