2014 logoIt is hard to believe that another year has come and gone! As we begin to gear up for 2015, it is crucial to take a moment and reflect on all of the boozy memories from 2014 that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Over the past year, many new spirits were released all over the states and although we did not have the chance to try them all, we did a little research to uncover the tastiest new liquors of 2014. So in no particular order, here are 5 new favorites that made their debut this year.

1.) Lost Spirits 151 Cuban Inspired Rum
Did you miss out on a tropical vacation this year? Luckily master distiller Brian Davis brought the tropics to the liquor stores this summer with the release of Lost Spirits 151 Cuban Inspired Rum. Critics raved about the butterscotch and warm spice flavors, which reminded them of a decadent dessert. Lost Spirits has succeeded in producing a 75.5% proof that does not scare off tasters and thrills rum enthusiasts!

2.) Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine
Legal moonshine has been spreading like wildfire all over the country, and last September Hush Moonshine added another flavor to their collection with Spiced Apple Hush Moonshine, just in time for the fall. The moonshine has a sweet and spicy combination starting out with a classic apple pie flavor followed by a spicy cinnamon back end. Their “secret” refining method, which eliminates all impurities from distillation, has won over critics who typically stray away from moonshine because of the intimidating stigma surrounding it.

3.) Tanqueray Limited Edition Old Tom Gin
This past June Tanqueray released a throwback limited edition, surprising consumers with an Old Tom gin that dates back to 1921. Only 100,000 bottles were made available to the world, and mostly sold to high-end bars. The lucky few who were able to try Tanqueray’s Old Tom loved the vintage taste, and found that the sweetness cut the herbal flavors nicely. With the release, Tanqueray succeeded in bringing back classic cocktails from the 18th century for 2014 to try, which is worth cheering to.

4.) Casamigos Anejo Tequila
Between getting married and releasing Casamigos latest Tequila (which is clearly so delicious it made our top 5 list), George Clooney has done it all in 2014. Casamigos’s new Anejo Tequila debuted in October and has already earned a unique reputation considering that the agave piñas are roasted in brick ovens instead of typical steamers. The combination of caramel, vanilla and oak notes combined with a sweet and spicy balance has won over reviewers, and given Clooney super fans another reason to swoon over him.

5.) Tippy Cow Rum Cream
Early in the year we had the opportunity to try and review Tippy Cow Rum Creams and were quick to agree with the positive buzz surrounding them. With flavors such as Orange Cream, Chocolate, Shamrock Mint and Vanilla Soft Serve, the liqueur succeeds in enticing drinkers with a sweet tooth. Whether drinking it on the rocks, or using it to spice up a cocktail, Tippy Cow has helped us to reminisce some sweet childhood memories in 2014.

Well there you have it, a tribute to some of the greats released in 2014. We hope you are as excited as we are when looking forward to all the new boozy releases 2015 may bring!