This Valentine’s Day, we’re opting to go the DIY route and we’re looking to Pinterest for inspiration. If you haven’t noticed from years past, we’re not into the overboard lovey dovey VDay activities. We much prefer to pour a glass of wine and let the booze do the talking.


Since some of us do have loved ones and aren’t celebrating Singles Awareness Day, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite DIY recipes and projects to make this Valentine’s Day a boozy success.


Conversation Heart Flavored Vodka

Don’t know what to do with the hoards of candy hearts you stocked up on at the drug store? Make vodka with them, of course. This recipe will bring the flavors of everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy straight to your booze. And you can make a few bottles in case you want to share them with your significant other and friends.


Rose and Amaretto Jello Shots

Nobody can deny a tasty jello shot, no matter your age. These heart shaped shots are about as cutesy as we’re willing to get with our jello and they’re perfect if you’re having a VDay party. Plus they’ll come in handy if you’re the only one without a date.

DIY Liquor and Hearts

Who doesn’t love getting a bunch of nips for Valentine’s Day? Especially when they have notes attached with sayings like, “I’m plastered with passion.” This DIY project is an easy idea to give to your loved one who can take a joke. Plus now you’ll have all the booze you’ll need to make celebratory cocktails.

This Valentine’s day, go the homemade route to make things fun and less stressful. Your significant other would love a bottle of infused vodka or a mini bottle of whiskey with a note attached, believe us. Share your favorite VDay DIY projects with us below.