For NFL fans, we take our allegiances very seriously. Taking a verbal shot at one of our teams is like coming after our first-born. Most of us wouldn’t dare cross enemy lines but what about all of those fans living in the same city as their rival team? Especially on Super Bowl Sunday. Broncos fan living in Seattle or a Seahawks die hard that calls Denver home? We’ve got the places for you to go to feel at home.


The Denver Broncos in Seattle Meet Up group has been holding their team pride strong for the past several years. With over 400 fans, they gather at El Borracho Del Norte, a Mexican restaurant in Seattle. On Sunday, the place be packed with over 100 Manning fans in the house putting down pitchers of beer and $4 margaritas. As you can imagine its not always easy being a Broncos fan in Seattle. One went as far to say he is, “surrounded by the worst fans in professional sports.” Woah.


For Seahawks fans displaced in Denver, the 12th man is stuck in enemy territory. For those in Denver looking for familiar fans, the Rocky Mountain Sea Hawkers watch every game at the Lucky Strike Denver. As many as two hundred gathered last week with cocktails and pitchers of beer as the ‘Hawks won the NFC Championship game. If you’re a Seattle fan living in Colorado, make the trek to Denver to cheer on your home team.


It all comes down to tonight. One team’s fans will be able to gallivant around enemy territory in victory. The others will have to sulk back home while fans celebrate around them.