Imagine yourself at a spa, relaxing and letting the stresses of your day melt away into the bath. Now imagine a place that lets you pour unlimited beer into a big souvenir glass. Ok, now imagine them together. Pretty amazing, right? Believe it or not, such a place exists on this very planet.

It’s called Pivni Lazne, or Bernard Beer Spa. This slice of heaven is located all the way in Prague complete with beer baths, massages, and warmed beds to sleep off all of that beer. It’s a power move by Bernard Beer as it’s the only brand they serve, but you won’t hear us complaining (especially because each beer bather has complete privacy, even from the staff).

The idea of a beer bath kind of weirded us out at first, but it’s a process straight from the Middle Ages. It turns out that the ingredients in beer are good for blood circulation, strengthening your immune system, reducing stress, and they even make your skin smoother! Once you get over the fact that you’re sitting in a vat of beer, it’s actually quite relaxing. Plus, it comes with a bottomless keg for you and your partner to drink from as long as you’re in the tub.

Sooooo why are you still reading this? Go book your trip.