They are inevitable: rainy, humid days stuck in a beach house — with family members we otherwise like(d) — and sand stuck to most everything we touch.

Monopoly and Twister are good for a few hours, but when you tire of the same-old, pull out Beer Smarts.

For $16.95, you have an adult board game that goes well with any vacation libation. Says the sales copy:

“This giftable set includes 60 beer-related Q&A cards and a handy guide with useful information on how beer is made, descriptions of various types of beers, famous breweries around the world, ideas on how to host a beer tasting and a brief history of beer.

• Beer Smarts includes 60 Q&A cards and a handy beer guide
• Comes in a gift-worthy box”

We found Beer Smarts at World Market (it’s not available from their website, however), but we see that it’s also available online elsewhere.

Perhaps the most fun is designating a drinkable grand prize, and seeing if the winner will actually share it.