Three-Taverns-El-Recluso-960x960We’re a month deep into 2015. You may have had a taste test of what the New Year will bring for you in terms of utility bills and daily routine, but we have some brewing news to turn your year upside down:

To start, Saint Arnold has released a series of beer centric bratwursts. Their Amber Ale and Santo brew can now find themselves on your plate with a complimentary bottle beside it.

Three Taverns Craft Brewery in Decatur, GA has tapped into a never before field of creativity when it comes to beer with their new Theophan the Recluse beer. This brew is infused with Serrano peppers, cocoa nibs, vanilla bean, and cinnamon sticks to keep your taste buds on edge.

Surely not your typical cherry flavored tonic medicine, Woodchuck’s Cheeky Cherry has brought a new flavor to the world of hard apple cider.

Abita Brewing got inspiration over their morning cup of Joe for the Abita Macchiato. This creamy coffee brew is dense and aromatic with a blend of sweet malts.

And incase the Abita Macchiato is just too heavy for your swimsuit, Key Billy has release it’s Island Ale. This light amber ale, brewed with key lime juice is decorated with palm trees for a proper Florida get away.