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Is boxed beer the packaging of the future? We’re all for innovated packaging and Carlsberg aims to roll out new bottles in the next three years that are not only unique, but also eco-friendly. Instead of glass or aluminum, Carlsberg plans to make an entirely biodegradable cardboard bottle for their brews. Made from sustainably sourced wood fiber or paper pulp—like an egg carton—the “Green Fiber Bottle” will be much lighter. The added bonus: the new design is non-breakable and may actually keep your beer colder than aluminum cans.

US company PaperBoy Wines introduced a similar technology last year, but where their bottles use a plastic bladder to hold the liquid, the Carlsberg bottles will be one piece and use an inner coating to stop leaks. Like regular cardboard or newspapers, the bottles can be recycled easily and will decompose naturally. If you’re worried about the effects of the new bottles, stay calm. While they may be radically changing up their packaging, Carlsberg—who owns over 500 beer brands including flagship brand Kronenbourg—won’t be compromising on taste.