giphyA few weeks back, we told you about Walmart getting into the craft beer business.

Recap: Walmart partnered up with a brewery to create Trouble Brewing, whose craft beers are sold exclusively at their stores.

But there’s trouble brewing for Trouble Brewing. (Sorry.) At issue is whether it can marketed as a “craft” beer.

Last week, a lawsuit on behalf of Ohio beer drinkers was filed against Walmart. The suit says that Walmart’s beers shouldn’t be labeled “craft,” because there’s no small, independent brewery involved in making them.

If you’ve spent any time reading about beer on these here Interwebs, you know the debate over which beers can be called “craft” has been raging for a long time. It’s become especially heated as bigger companies have bought up small craft labels, leading to discussion of whether they’re still “craft beer.”

Now, the fight is moving from blog comment sections to the courts. It will be interesting to see what happens.

What do you think: Should Walmart be allowed to call their brews craft beer? Should they have to share more information on the labels? Do you really not care what your beer is called as long as it tastes good? Let us know.