BonesDustersThere’s always something going on in the brew world. Whether it’s an innovative hoppy creation or a brand new brewery popping up, we’re intrigued. Here’s some of the top brew news going on:


We thought we’d seen it all. Beer made from jalapenos, bacon, chocolate but now Lost Rhino Brewing is throwing things way back and brewing with a prehistoric ingredient: fossils. Brewing scientist Jason Akerboom teamed up with Jason Osborne of Paleo Quest, to develop the brewery’s latest release, Bone Dusters Paleo Ale. Said to taste like a Belgian ale, the beer contains yeast found on a 35 million year old whale fossil that the duo spent weeks examining. The ale will be served at the Virginia based brewery as well as local bars and restaurants in the VA and Washington, DC area.


Portland, Oregon based Widmer Brewing Company is taking their 30th anniversary to the next level. The brewery just kicked off their 30 Beers For 30 Years series in honor of three decades in the business. The first releases in the celebratory series are all brewed from original recipes: a 1984 Altbier, a 1985 Weizenbier and their 1986 Hefeweizen. To add a little Portland touch, all of the beers will don artwork from local artists. We can’t wait to get our hands on this birthday celebration.


Why does the government always have to crash the party? The FDA’s latest proposed act wants to control what brewers are doing with their leftover grains. Currently, most breweries soak their grains to expunge the sugars and then give the old grains to farmers to feed livestock. The FDA wants to put a stop to this, saying they need more control over what is going to the livestock. What does this mean for brewers? They’ll have to dry out, analyze and package up these used grains before shipping them out which means added time and cost. Here’s hoping the brewers come out on top with this one.