Attention beer bloggers, and anyone that likes beer:
It was recently announced that the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference will be held on July 26-28 in Boston. This is the fourth year for the conference and it brings together hundreds of writers and beer-lovers from all over the country.

This conference isn’t like normal ones where you wear awkward name tags and sit in a hotel function room all week – this one has beer. Here are some of the highlights we’re hearing about:

• Pre-conference brewery tour in Portland, Maine.
• Boston Beer Company is hosting a dinner for bloggers the first night, and then Harpoon will host dinner the second night.
• Touring and trying beers at Boston Beer Company and Harpoon breweries. Also, meeting the brewers and listening to them speak.
• Beer speed dating: Each local brewer has five minutes to pour a sampling of what they would like to share, and the bloggers get to ask questions, live-Tweet and live-blog about it.
• Getting to meet fellow beer bloggers to make friends and share blogging tips.

The cost for the conference is actually pretty good considering how much you get out of it. If you are a “citizen blogger” (someone who blogs but is not affiliated with any kind of business) it is $95, “industry bloggers” are $195, and non-blogger participants are $295. So yes, you can take part in this beer celebration even if you don’t know what a blog is (though we hope you do because you’re reading one right now).