Can you petal while you booze? There’s a new trend that’s about to seriously enhance the pub-crawl experience. Over in Sacramento they had the brilliant idea to utilize a party bike to transport you from one day-drinking spot to the next.

The bike is powered by the pedaling of the party while the tour guide soberly steers and entertains the passengers! The rectangular design of the bike looks very similar to a bar on wheels, however alcoholic beverages cannot be consumed while the bike is in transit. This rule clearly limits the biking experience, but fortunately some hipster limousines are about to try and change that buzz kill.

A bill has just passed to allow the “beer bikes” to operate on the streets in California with alcohol on board. They believe it is the perfect tourist activity, enabling folks to get a good taste of Sacramento’s blossoming local beer industry and innovative culture, all while burning some calories. Our hats off to these folks, if the bill passes we know where we’re taking our next vacation!

Interested in learning more, check out all the details of the bill here!