Going home to whip up dinner after suffering from a case of the Mondays is no easy feat. Needless to say cooking for yourself, potentially a significant other, and maybe even a kid or two any night of the week deserves a pat on the back…and a rewarding beverage. Our pals over at Blue Apron, not only make preparing a home cooked meal easy, but now they are also supplying the “rewarding beverage.”

Per consumer demand Blue Apron announced last week that they now offer a wine delivery/pairing option to enhance the home cooking experience. These shipments are designed to arrive once a month and contain six,550ml bottles of wine that pair perfectly with specific Blue Apron Meal meals for two. The box also includes a tasting card for each wine, assisting at home chefs with their pairings and telling the story of the vineyard they hail from. Coming to a total of $65.99 a month + tax, this monthly pick me up is a great deal. The only dilemma we foresee is breaking into the 6 bottles of wine before any of the meal boxes even arrive.

Three years ago Blue Apron was a rookie to the delivery game, but now they are a thriving start-up valued at $2 billion and absolutely killing the game. With this new wine delivery service we can only imagine that the company will continue to flourish. Because really, who doesn’t want to throw back the perfect bottle of wine after a night of slaving away in the kitchen!

Photo: Blue Apron