The great state of California is the place to be if you’re looking to get into either the wine or the technology business. These two booming industries recently joined forces to better the atmosphere and save energy while producing one of our favorite beverages. Believe it or not, the batteries produced and used by Tesla to power their energy efficient cars are now also working to power wineries.

Back in 2012, Jackson Family Wines and Tesla teamed up in a super secret mission to test a new line of commercial batteries. It turns out the batteries worked perfectly in tandem with the winery’s solar system to power the refrigerators, saving copious amounts of energy.

Both ends of the bargain are very happy with the outcome of the partnership, especially Tesla Energy who released the commercial batteries late last month and are now reporting that they are sold out until 2016. Jackson Family Wines is based our of Santa Rosa, CA and produces the popular brand Kendall-Jackson. They now have 21 Tesla batteries in six of their Californian wineries and are thirsty for more, considering that they are now saving 200K annually in energy costs (reported by marketwatch). With the wine industry being a seasonal biz, the energy usage rates vary drastically and the batteries have enabled the Jackson family to even out these rates.

We applaud these two power houses for creating a win-win scenario, conserving precious energy and producing delicious vino!