BartenderBack in the day, a bartender was just a bartender. Nothing more than a title and a knack for making drinks. Lately, more and more bartenders have been upping their title to “mixologist” which makes them sound a whole lot fancier in our book. So is it just a name or is there really a difference?


On the one hand, most mixologists would say that not only are they serving people drinks but also they’re creating innovative and unique cocktails. They spend their spare time coming up with new recipes and dreaming up drinks to add to cocktail menus. They see themselves as masters of an art. The same people that would use the term mixologist would say that bartending all about taking care of people. They make sure the bar is fun, that people have their drinks, and that everyone has a good time.


On the other hand, there’s plenty of people out there that would say that this is a bunch of you know what. Bartenders and mixologist are one in the same – they making drinks, they serve them and everyone is happy.


So what do you think? Can you call a bartender a mixologist or a mixologist a bartender? Tell us what you think.