Corazon Tequila

Corazon Tequila has added a very special, very limited edition line to their brand. Expresiones del Corazon, a series of barrel-aged tequilas, joins the collection.


The Expresiones del Corazon line features five 100% agave tequilas that have each been aged in Buffalo Trace whiskey barrels. They are: Buffalo Trace Respado (aged 11 months), George Stagg Añejo (aged 22 months), Sazerac Rye Añejo (aged 24 months), Old Rip Van Winkle Añejo (aged 23 months), and finally a Blanco.


We love anything barrel-aged, so we’re pumped for these. Naturally all good things come in small quantities, so only 6,000 bottles of each tequila exist, coming in at quite the price, ranging from $59.99-$89.99. We’ll start saving our pennies for June when they will be released.


What do you think about barrel-aged tequila?