Guys, there’s something you should know about getting a haircut. It doesn’t have to be like going to the doctor. It can me more like tucking yourself into a warm, cozy mancave. New barbershops are popping up all over the country that harken back to the day when barbershops were meeting spots; social clubs — where a man can get a drink, shoot the breeze and get cleaned up.


Here’s what Brian Boye of Men’s Health says about John Allan’s in New York: “What’s great about John Allan’s is that they turn what would be an annoying chore into an experience. You’ll go for a trim, but stay for a glass of scotch and a game of pool.”


Also in New York is The Blind Barber. The New York Times Style Magazine says, “If your grooming service doesn’t put you in the chill zone, ease up to the bar and unwind further with a signature libation. According to [Adam] Kirsch, who oversees the bar and lounge, house favorites include the Sweeney Todd (Jameson, egg whites, lemon juice and honey syrup, topped with grenadine and served on the rocks) and Rum ’n’ Rye (Overholt Rye, Goslings Rum, lime juice and Orgeat Syrup, served over ice).”


Search your city for a grooming club. You’ll be surprised at how it can fill a need you didn’t know was there.


And if you have a barberbar that you frequent in your town, SPREAD THE WORD. A few, like MR. in San Francisco’s financial district, are closing up shop. Maybe it was just kept too much of a secret.