craft beer country

The craft brewery world is like a brotherhood. They stick together, educate one another, collaborate on brews and exist peacefully in their own craft beer bubble. Breweries in Pennsylvania are banding together to create Craft Beer Country and show us just how chummy they can be when beer is involved.


The Hershey Harrisburg Craft Beer Country (HHCBC) consists of twelve independent breweries located in the surrounding PA area. The breweries include:



The breweries have come together in partnership with the Hershey Harrisburg Visitors Bureau to tell the rest of the Northeast that central Pennsylvania is the place to go for your craft beer needs. The HHCBC aims to point out the wide array of brewers in the area and the unique ales they have to offer like Hoptart by Pizza Boy that’s been fermented with chardonnay grapes or Javahead Stout from Troegs, that’s packed with espresso and Kenyan coffee.


In addition to promoting their beers, the band of breweries will be educating the local community on the ins and outs of the craft beer world plus hosting events and giving craft beer lovers the chance to explore their breweries. Their next big event, March Craftness, lets you attend a craft beer class at each brewery, samples included. We’re buying our tickets ASAP.


We wish all craft breweries would get together and create an awesome “beer country” like HHCBC.