Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon

Everyone’s go-to dessert drink is adding a new flavor to its collection. Last week, Baileys announced their latest addition to the family, Vanilla Cinnamon.


Joining Caramel, Coffee, Hazelnut and of course Original Irish Cream, the latest flavor will launch September first. Made with Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon, the flavor channels the classic Baileys creaminess with a hint of sweet and spice. They suggest drinking it neat or on the rocks as you would any Baileys drink but Vanilla Cinnamon also opens the door for brand new cocktail options. Our favorite is a Baileys “Glamour Shot,” which mixes Vanilla Cinnamon with cinnamon schnapps.


The new flavor comes on the heels of another Baileys announcement: the release of a special edition Chocolate Luxe flavor. We’re sad (and jealous) to say it will only be available in Europe. We’ll have to settle for Vanilla Cinnamon. Look for the new liqueur flavor ($21) on shelves in the next few weeks. Try it and let us know what you think of the sweet vanilla and cinnamon spice combo.