Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.39.55 AMWe at Drinking in America enjoy throwing a few back, but we know the importance of drinking responsibly. We all know the different statistics and numbers that are thrown around about how many drinks can put you over the legal limit. But sometimes, the drinks made at your favorite bar have half the amount of alcohol in the drinks your already-drunk friend mixed for you at home. Instead of just guessing whether or not you or a buddy is good to drive, for $30 you can test your BAC with this handy keychain breathalyzer from BACtrack.

Not only is it portable and easy to use, the BACtrac Keychain Breathalyzer comes with removable mouthpieces so you can test yourself and your drinking buddies without the germs. After blowing into mouthpiece, you can have your results in as quickly as 5 seconds—giving you plenty of time to call a cab it your BAC is too high. With its sleek design and ultra-portable size, it’s no harder to carry than your ring of keys. The price for this portable breathalyzer is difficult to match—especially when you think about how much more a DUI costs. There’s never an excuse for drinking and driving, but the technology and affordability of the BACtrack Breathalyzer means you’ll never have to guess if you’re okay to drive.