Avocado beer

California loves their avocados. They eat them with chips, on a sandwich or straight with a spoon. But now Angel City Brewery is taking the obsession one step further and putting their beloved fruit in beer. Avocado beer? Yes, you read that right.


Dieter Foerstner, the brains behind the avocado operation, debuted his 100th batch of beer, Avocado Ale, this past weekend at Angel City’s first Avocado Festival. Foerstner created the beer by brewing over one hundred pounds of avocados from his grandmother’s local orchard. But he didn’t stop there. To spice things up, Foerstner added a few classic guacamole ingredients like crushed red pepper, garlic, lime and cilantro to the brew. You’re either salivating or gagging, either one you’re not alone. Even Foerstner admits that though he loves it, the ale isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely a love it or hate it kind of beer.


And this isn’t the first experimental beer to come from Foerstner and LA based Angel City. This year they released a Pickle Weisse – a tart ale blended with fresh pickles, White Nite – a chocolate and espresso ale, and French Sip – a beer flavored to taste like the classic French Dip sandwich. Talk about experimental.


Like we said, the guacamole-inspired Avocado Ale debuted at the brewery on Saturday and it looks like it’s staying local for right now. We’re dying to try this one. We’re not saying we’ll like drinking something with a “creamy finish” but we like to be adventurous with our beer tasting.


Have any of our friends in California tried the Avocado Ale? Tell us what you thought below.