With all due respect to how much television spots cost to produce and get on the air, we have to say that these two first-timers still need a little practice.


Tequilla Avion’s first-ever tv spot can be summed up by the second-to-last line in the script: “That’s it?”


We watched it in mixed company and while it got a rise out of the gentlemen in the room for the “hot chick,” it left us all feeling underwhelmed and unsure as to what this product has that others don’t.


[youtube 5Yi69wFEDQU nolink]


Jägermeister’s new campaign is more memorable to us, but not necessarily in a way that would make us run out and buy the stuff. Running under the tagline “Stronger Bond,” the ad campaign is aimed at males between the ages of 21-29.


Our pet name for the campaign is “Egomeister,” as filmmaker Albert Hughes and director Alastair McKevitt, profile seven seemingly self-involved men “whose success relies on their strong bonds with others,” says the press release. Boy, do these guys like themselves. Not enough was left on the edit room floor, if you ask us. See for yourself.


[youtube 1b0oh_2L3DE nolink]