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Shaken, Not Stirred. These three little words always immediately bring one of our favorite cocktails to mind, making us crave a sip from the signature glass. Belvedere is using those same 3 little words to get the attention of mixologists across the globe, inviting bartenders all over the world to compete in the Belvedere Legendary Martini Challenge!

The vodka brand has teamed up with the movie SPECTRE, the 24th Bond adventure, scheduled to release in November 2015. To simply put it, mixologists over the age of 25 are invited to enter their legendary cocktail recipe virtually via Now if you’re up for the challenge and looking for the nitty gritty details, here is a snidbit from Belvedere’s press release regarding the structure of the competition;

“From March 10th until April 12th, bartenders can enroll online by submitting a video on They need to showcase their skill and ingenuity to shape a cocktail that will become truly legendary. The best 45 entries will be selected to compete in semi-final regional heats for Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Nine of the 45 bartenders will be selected to compete in the grand finale in London, on June 17-18-19. On Belvedere World Martini Day, June 19 2015, the winner of the competition will be announced and he/she will become a Belvedere brand ambassador, serving the winning martini cocktail at a screening of the movie SPECTRE.” Read more here.

For all of our mixology friends out there who are feeling up to the challenge, we encourage you to enter the competition and wish you the best of luck! As always we are cheering for the good ole US of A to bring home the winning martini! We can only hope one of our own creates a martini that lives up to Bond’s and Belvedere’s impeccable standards!