A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (aka Los Angeles in 70’s) a global phenomenon was born! Back in 1977 the very first Star Wars film, A New Hope hit theaters and we were hooked. Nearly 40 years later our beloved original Star War characters are back in action, today an older Luke and Leia Skywalker return to the big screen along with a new cast members who will hopefully discover the force and fight against the dark side. With a whirlwind of excitement surrounding our galaxy today, we decided to round up some of our favorite Star Wars themed cocktails for you fellow fans to enjoy this weekend. Now in the words of Yoda, prepare these cocktails, you must.

The Floating Yoda Cocktail
• 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
• 2 oz Milk
• 2 oz Vodka
• 1 scoop Mint Choc-Chip Ice Cream

Directions: Fill a rocks glass with cubed ice. Add the coffee liqueur and Vodka, finish up with a cream layer. Add the Scoop of Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. Recipe via

The BB-8 Bellini
• 4 ounces chilled Prosecco DOC
• 1 ounce blood orange
• 1 ounce white peach puree

Directions: Pour the blood orange and white peach puree into a chilled flute and top with Prosecco DOC. Recipe via

Jedi Mind Trick
• 1 oz dark rum
• 1 oz amaretto almond liqueur
• 1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
• 1 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
• 3 scoops Ice Cream
• 2 Cherries

Directions: Stir wet ingredients in stirring glass or Boston shaker. Double-strain into Martini glass. Garnish with lemon twist as preferred. Recipe via

Darth Maultini
• 1 oz. Sweet vermouth
• 1 oz. Vodka
• 1 oz. Whiskey (we used Maker’s Mark)
• 2 oz. Pomegranate Cherry
• 2 Lemon wedges, cut in half to make 4 mini wedges

Directions: For the Darth Maultini, chill and combine all ingredients in a cocktail glass. Cut two lemon wedges in half to make four mini wedges and garnish the glass with the “horns” of Darth Maul. Recipe via