Art in the Age Presents: Steven Grasse from Art In The Age.


Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (their real name, we promise) isn’t your typical craft spirit brand. They’re taking the funkiest ingredients and creating some pretty cool booze from them.


So what are they? Vodka? Liqueur? None of the above. Instead of using potato or grain as a base to distill from, like you would for vodka, they’re using completely unique ingredients. Their four signature creations—Rhubarb, Sage, Snap and Root—are distilled from the plant or vegetable that they are named after. Art of the Ages pride themselves on creating original 80 proof spirits that don’t fit into any other category but their own. Pretty badass, if you ask us. Another point of pride for the brand: they are completely organic. Not just because they think it’s cool to say so but because they use all natural and organic ingredients during the distilling process.


The spirits from Art in the Age are no doubt the most interesting we’ve encountered. Their creator Steven Grasse (also the man behind Hendrick’s Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum AND Narragansett Beer) is obsessed with history, especially the American kind. Each flavor has a mini history lesson packed into it. For example, Sage pays homage to Thomas Jefferson’s garden gins. Not only are these spirits historically accurate but we hear they pack a serious punch of flavor.


If you aren’t dying to get your hands on these then there’s no hope for you. We haven’t tried Art in the Age yet, but we’re thinking they would make some serious cocktails, for $40 per bottle. We’ll hold back on the Rhubarb but we can’t stop thinking about this Snap Fizz cocktail.


Would you ever drink Art in the Age spirits? Be sure to watch the video above and tell us what you think.