Because we are such kind, thoughtful people, we decided that instead of playing an April Fool’s Day joke on our readers today, we’d just coach you on how to trick your friends instead. What good are friends if you can’t mess with them sometimes?


If you’re going to a bar tonight, consider ordering a Cement Mixer shot for one of your pals. We’ve seen this done two different ways, so your bartender will probably either give you:


a)   One shot glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream and one shot glass of lime juice

b)   One shot glass that has the Bailey’s in it and then the lime juice floating on top


However it is ultimately served, the idea is still the same: the person has to hold both the Bailey’s and lime juice in their mouth and swish it around in there. Since the lime juice is acid-based and the Bailey’s is cream-based, the lime juice makes the Bailey’s curdle in the person’s mouth. It becomes thick and sticky and the drinker is going to feel like they have a mouth full of cement.


If you’re having some friends over tonight, there’s always an easy classic prank. Pour everyone shots of vodka, but choose one victim and pour them a shot of white vinegar. It looks exactly the same as the vodka, but it tastes like hot garbage.


You could also do something a little more light-hearted… aka, not something that makes your friends sick. Make big JELLO shots in normal drinking glasses (hmm…guess they’re not technically shots if they’re big. Whatever.) and then give them to your friends, telling them that you mixed them some drinks. When they go to drink, it obviously won’t move because it’s JELLO. Luckily, the fact that they’re alcoholic JELLO will quickly make your friends hate you less and you can resume drinking with very little damage.


Of course, there’s also the hilarious things with a Sharpie or duct tape that you can do to people once they’ve had too much to drink, but we’ll leave that creativity up to you guys.