Apple_Pay_BannerBeginning this week, passengers flying select JetBlue flights out of JFK can pay for food, drinks or other inflight amenities using Apple Pay through an iPhone 6/6 Plus. Even more exciting, once the plane reaches cruising altitude, you’ll be able to upgrade to an available premium seat using the same system.

We know what you’re thinking and we agree: the future is crazy and oh so real. Still, it’s here and now, and somewhere down the line, JetBlue claims that passengers will be able to pay via an Apple Watch, Google Pay, and other mobile payment methods. Can you imagine paying for a Bloody Mary with just a scan of your wrist?

While this service starts with transcontinental flights between JFK and Los Angeles and San Francisco, more flights will be added in the coming months, with all JetBlue planes accepting Apple Pay by June. Eventually, passengers will be able to make their inflight purchases using a JetBlue mobile application.

This all sounds pretty groovy, especially when you consider the times you’ve flown sitting next to that guy who elbowed you every time he needed to dig his wallet out of his pocket/backpack/overhead bin to pay for his drink. Thanks to JetBlue, you can now sip (and sit) in the sky with ease.