Ever since that dentist messed with the wrong cat a few weeks ago, momentum for wildlife charities has been at an all time high. Activists have been taking advantage of the trend and finding new ways to raise money for their furry friends. Apart from limited edition smart phones and Beanie Babies, there are a few offerings that fall perfectly in line with our drinking values:

Cecil’s Revenge is a brew specifically made for The Fat Cat Pub in Norwich, UK. Stemming from a Fat Cat Facebook post that asked fans to name their new 5.6% hoppy beer, Cecil’s Revenge is a timely push for animal rights. While none of the funds have been promised to Cecil’s family and friends, the raising of awareness is a great step forward for the cause. And where better to raise awareness than your favorite local bar?

For those of us who like to stick to the hard stuff while doing good, we have Snow Leopard Vodka. The offering asks a reasonable price of $35 per bottle and donates 15% of proceed to snow leopard preservation. If you’re a vodka fan, why not put your drinking to use? The vodka has already raised $200,000 and is aiming to bring in $1 million annually.

Just two more ways your drinking habit is really a blessing.