In case you didn’t get the memo, the 85th annual Academy Awards are happening tonight in Hollywood. Seth McFarlane is hosting, so the monologue will undoubtedly be interesting, but after that, things tend to get a little…slow. We love hearing the winners announced, but beyond that, the show is notorious for dragging.


Cue: Drinking


You know why the celebrities in the audience look like they’ve having so much fun during the show? It’s because they have some sort of delicious cocktail in their hand. If you can’t be in L.A. with them, you might as well pour a drink, right?


The Oscars are not the MTV Video Music Awards, so we think the drinks need to be kept to Hollywood classics. Everyone deserves to feel like Grace Kelly or Cary Grant, even if they’re sitting on their couch in their PJ’s. Drink one of these classic Hollywood cocktails while you watch this year’s Academy Awards:


What are you sipping on tonight while you watch? Drink up and enjoy the show.