maple beer

Fall is fast approaching. The leaves will change, the temperatures will drop and maple syrup will be everywhere, even in our beer.


San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing recently added BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red to their lineup of seasonal beers. The brew got its inspiration from the BigLeaf maple trees that grow rampant in California and even used a bit of their syrup. That’s right, every bottle of the red ale has a drop of the BigLeaf maple syrup in it. The syrup plus the caramel malts equal a sweet fall seasonal.


Normally, a mapley beer would take months of trials and practice but fun fact about Anchor Brewing: they don’t believe in test batches. They decide on a recipe, gather the ingredients, brew and bottle it. We’re sure there’s some taste testing somewhere in there (especially when maple syrup is involved) but it shows how confident they are in their beer. Got to give them props for that.


BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red will be available now through October in most states. Look out for it and let us know how it is.