3… 2… 1… It’s “midnight somewhere!” That means there’s only one thing to do: chill, pour, shoot.

Kahlua Midnight, the latest release from the coffee liqueur giant, is telling us to do just that. And we are more than happy to oblige.

Kahlua Midnight is a 70 proof blend of rum and black coffee liqueur designed to give you a little jolt. The rich coffee and smooth rum taste, make it quite easy to knock back a few. Chased with an orange, it’s an excellent (and unexpected) combo.

Midnight is a major step for Kahlua because, until now, they were mainly seen as a low-energy brand. They’re hoping that Midnight becomes the drink that young people everywhere go-to first when making their way into bars and parties across the country. Think of it as a slightly more sophisticated way to take shots, with the added bonus of an energy boost.

We’re psyched about Midnight because it has the great coffee flavor of Kahlua, but with more of a kick, aka alcohol. Let’s face it, it was a little difficult to find appropriate times to sneak Kahlua into your coffee… and now we can do shots whenever we want. We think the liqueur is the perfect cure if you’re feeling sleepy on a Friday night but we can’t imagine people who don’t like coffee getting into it. What do you think?