American Craft Beer WeekVery few of us actually need a reason to drink craft beer, but in case you were hoping for one, here it is: American Craft Beer Week kicked off yesterday and it is being celebrated until Sunday, May 19.


You know what that means, right? Lots of beer. Everywhere.


Created by the Brewers Associations (the national non-profit on behalf of the majority of today’s U.S. breweries) in 2006, American Craft Beer Week is an opportunity for small and independent craft brewers to “rally the troops, talk about their community contributions, and recognize today’s craft beer lovers who are responsible for the ever-advancing beer culture in America.” This week is so legit that two U.S. Congress Resolutions have been passed supporting the goals and ideas of American Craft Beer Week. Hey, America loves its beer.


If you visit the website for American Craft Beer Week, the list of events across the country is long and strong. We think you’ll be hard pressed not to find something fun going on in your area. However, there’s one event that the creators of ACBW are hoping everyone will take part in – a simultaneous, nationwide toast. On Thursday, May 16 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, small brewers and craft beer lovers all over America are encouraged to raise a glass of their favorite craft beer to toast ACBW.


Want to stay up-to-date throughout the week and possibly find some local (or virtual) drinking buddies? Check out the ACBW Facebook page.


There are plenty of drinking weeks throughout the year but this one is happening right now (don’t worry, we’ll get just as excited about the next one). So raise a glass to American Craft Beer Week and small breweries everywhere.