Without overthinking it, answer this question as quickly as you can: Do you think more Americans prefer red wine or white wine? You may not be surprised to hear that more Americans drink red wine, but we actually guessed white wine. Online retailer Naked Wines compiled some interesting data surrounding this discovery, which found 58 percent of Americans prefer red wine (that spans all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds). The Washington Post took a further look at this information:

  • All but three states – Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa – buy more red wine than white wine.
  • North Carolina, Mississippi, Michigan, and Pennsylvania residents appear to enjoy red wine the most. They buy red wine about 60 percent of the time, white wine 30 percent of the time, and sparkling or rose the other 10 percent.
  • Men choose red wine more often than women, but both sexes still tend to choose red more often than white.
  • Naked Wines says this love of red wine is also found in Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • International Wine and Spirit Research predicts that red wine consumption will increase by nearly 10 percent between 2011 and 2016. White wine is only expected to grow by 2.8 percent.

This isn’t the first study of its kind and results from past studies just reinforce the fact that red wine is king of the wines. We’d like to see this information broken down even more in the future, though. For example, do regular wine drinkers buy red wine more, while people who only drink occasionally choose white? Is there a difference in whether or not the wine is being purchased for personal consumption versus for a larger group of people? We need answers, researchers! Get on that and let us know what you find…we’ll be here drinking wine in the meantime.