apple whiskey

Most Americans prefer to drink beer to any alcoholic beverage and while wine and liquor are closing in, a cold one still tops the charts in most states. However, in 2014, liquor sales increased by over $900,000 in Wyoming. Some think the healthy economy is to thank, some think it’s part of the blue-collar culture. One Wyoming native has another explanation: the cold. The most popular spirits are vodka and Canadian whiskeys—with sales of apple-flavored whiskey dominating the list. Whether it’s a change in taste or the need for a liquid blanket on cold Wyoming nights, sales of liquor are on the rise and we hope spirits are too.

Even if you’re not in Wyoming, you can still enjoy some of the apple-flavored whiskeys available. Pick your poison and enjoy!

  • Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Tennessee Cider has a crisp Red Delicious apple flavor followed by orange and hints of spices like cinnamon. Jack recommends you serve it warm.
  • Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Whisky is reminiscent of a candy apple with the taste of cinnamon, clove, and oak. If you like your whiskey on the sweeter side, this one is for you.
  • Piehole Apple Pie Whiskey tastes like fresh apple and cinnamon with a hint of brown sugar. If you find yourself craving a slice of grandma’s pie with a grownup twist, this whiskey’s got you covered.

 Do you have a favorite flavored whiskey?