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Millennials, we’re talking to you. If you had to name the staple Halloween movie of your childhood, chances are it would rhyme with Shmocus Locus. The Sanderson sisters, Binx, and Billy stole your heart at a young age, and there’s no going back. During the month of October, if you see this movie floating around ABC Family, you basically have to tune it. So, in honor of All Hallows Eve, we’re going to make that commitment even more fun (if that’s even possible).

Drum roll, please.

The DIA Hocus Pocus Drinking Game

Take a sip of your drink every time:

  • Any of the Sanderson sisters says “sistAHS”
  • Mary flies on a vacuum
  • Billy loses a limb

Take a shot every time:

  • Someone says the word virgin
  • Dani talks about “yabbos”
  • You come close to tears (aka the ending when Thackery Binx dies, again)

Chug your drink when:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker creepily sings “Come little children…”
  • The sisters sing “I Cast a Spell on You”
  • Bette Midler says, “I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle.”