giphyDrink up- Alcosynth is coming. It may just be the next big thing in the booze world. Created by Imperial College professor, David Nutt, the synthetic libation promises all of the fun of regular alcoholic beverages, without the negative effects the next morning.

That’s right- no hangovers. More specifically, Alcosynth mimics the effects of alcohol on the brain, without wreaking havoc on the liver and heart. The drink is also designed with a “max out” feature, where the effects plateau after 5 or 6 drinks, minimizing the risk of getting too drunk at your office Christmas party.

Although production and testing for Alcosynth is well underway, it may be a while until we can order Alcosynth and tonics at our favorite bar. Nutt believes that his product will replace traditional alcohol by 2050, but until then we’re stuck with our Advil and coffee to get us through those rough mornings.