Absolut… Lime? Like, really? After 4 years of Absolut nothing we get Absolut Lime?


In case you haven’t heard, Absolut just released its first new favored vodka in four years, Absolut Lime. After Absolut flavors like Hibiskus, Elyx, and Kurant, one would think that their next flavor would be a little more creative than an everyday citrus fruit that hangs off the glass of 99% of the world’s cocktails anyway.

But the method behind their incredibly boring madness is that Absolut Lime can replace lime garnishes.

Stay with me.

According to Absolut’s research, Vodka Soda is the second most popular cocktail in the U.S., and it just so happens to be topped off with a squeeze of time. The hope with new Absolut Lime, is that bartenders and home cocktail drinkers can now skip this last step altogether.


Was this a problem? Bartenders? Help us out here by weighing in. Will Absolut Lime make mixing up cocktails easier?  Won’t people still want fresh lime? Are limes really that annoying to cut up? What? Is? Happening?


Gif Source: giphy.com