After last week’s underwhelming announcement that Absolut’s new flavor is LIME, the vodka company goes and totally redeems themselves.


According to 9Finance, Absolut is currently hiring… a professional drinker. AKA a new “billion dollar nose” to replace Per Hermansson, Absolut’s current taster who’s due to retire this year.


This full time, senior-level position requires you to taste, evaluate, and create new types of vodka. But years of chugging Gordon’s doesn’t a professional vodka taster make. Business Insider explains that Hermansson has worked in the sensory field for 35 years, and his status as a “super taster” (one of 5-10% of the population who has heightened sense of smell and taste) has brought us best-selling liquors like Malibu, Kahlua, and obviously, Absolut.

While Absolut has the highest standards for their next professional drinker, I just want someone who can do better than “Lime.”


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