OurBerlinIn today’s world, the big booze names often reign supreme while the little guys get left behind. Absolut is trying to bring the two together with their Our/Vodka project to invest in local ingredients and cities around the country.


Absolut’s Our/Vodka campaign opens local micro distilleries around the world to create signature vodkas and leave a positive impact on individual cities. The vodkas focus on homegrown ingredients and are created in collaboration with local entrepreneurs. After the initial launch in Germany was a success, these distilleries are making their way to cities across the U.S.


Our/Vodka’s first stop stateside will be Detroit in June. From there, they’ll travel to Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, Nashville, and New Orleans. The vodkas will all be made with the same recipe but each city will add local ingredients to make it their own. After creating their concoctions, the local partners will market it the way that they see fit.


Cheers to Absolut and their Our/Vodka initiative. We love to see local distilleries get their time in the spotlight and this is the perfect opportunity.