Nomacorcs-Plant-based-Select-Bio-Closure_2If you’ve ever had the debate about corks versus screw tops with other wine lovers, you might know about the environmental debate surrounding both. Standard corks often contain chemicals that make them unfriendly to the environment and sometimes even give your wine a bad flavor. Screw tops on the other hand aren’t much better for the planet.

Now, thanks to Nomacorc, you can have the satisfying feeling of yanking the cork out of a bottle without the guilt of the environmental effects. Nomacorc’s Select Bio cork is made from a plant-based polymer, which comes from Brazilian sugarcane. This makes the Select Bio eco-friendly and 100-percent recyclable. The Select Bio looks and feels like a traditional wine coork, but with a much smaller carbon footprint than other corks and screw tops. A few wineries have started using the Select Bio already. We say that’s reason enough to break out the corkscrew and reward ourselves with a glass, or three. Cheers!