The Animal Planet recently announced it’s new and returning program line up for the upcoming 2015 season via Deadline, and one program in particular just so happened to catch our eye. Although there are few details available regarding the release date and the premise of the new show, we are still pretty psyched. What we do know is that the reality show, Alaska Proof, will air on The Animal Planet in 2015 and revolve around the Alaska Distillery located in the foothills of the Alaska Range.

Matador Content will be producing the show, and fortunately they have released a few details. The show will document the artisans’ rugged and sometimes dangerous adventures into the Alaskan wilderness, and the “price they’re willing to pay in order to create the world’s finest vodka.” Alaska Distillery takes pride in it’s large variety of vodka that is distilled using the “purest water on earth”, obtained by “hand harvesting icebergs” that have broken off from the Harding Ice Field in Prince William Sound.

We are very intrigued by the idea of the show and are looking forward to watching the distillers of Alaska at work. If someone is risking his or her life to create some life changing vodka we are sure as heck grateful and more than willing to watch their reality. We are also excited to see if the distillery owns up to it’s claim that “Life is bold in Alaska, and so are our spirits.” To learn more about what the Alaska Distillery has to offer, check out their website here.