Beer may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but the New-York Historical Society shows us that it can also be a heck of a time capsule.
Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History” opened this month and runs through September 2nd.
“The fascinating yet largely anonymous legacy of beer brewing in New York City” is explored by way of the “social, economic, political, and technological history of the production and consumption of beer, ale, and porter in the city from the seventeenth century to the present,” reads the press copy.
This look at beer as a “vital source of nourishment and tax revenues” is full of artifacts and documents chronicling beer’s underestimated (at least by us here at DIA) importance.
A New York Times writer concludes that after a walk through the exhibit, “I’m not sure beer will ever taste the same again.” One instantaneous way to find out is to sample a selection of favorite New York City and State artisanal beers at the exhibit’s last stop.
The reviews are seriously great. If you’re in New York this summer, stop by the 170 Central Park West and drink it in.