springbeers1 The first signs of Spring bring about a feeling of excitement, especially for those anticipating seasonal beer releases. So, as the Ides of March approach, we have three new brews we’d like to share with you. All three promise to awaken your taste buds, welcoming longer days and warmer nights.

First, we have Wicked Weed’s Amorous (6.9% ABV). You know what they say about the bird’s and the bees right? Well get a taste of love with this dry-hopped, sour, barrel aged ale. This citrus brew will give you the butterflies, no doubt.

Next comes Founders Brewing Company’s Blushing Monk, back on the shelves for the first time since July 2011. Get a glimpse of sweet, summer days with the Belgian raspberry beer that boasts an impressive 9.2% ABV. This unique beer is brewed with a different yeast strain than all other Founders Brewing Co. beers, so it definitely stands out from beginning to end.

And finally our third newbie is New Belgium’s Pear Ginger Beer (7% ABV). This brew is predicted to mix up the mixology of cocktails, and become one of the hottest new ingredients in your wet bar.

So ignore the stubborn snow, break out the patio furniture, and take these new brews for a spin.