giphy-1This election seems to be one of those tragic events where everyone knows it’s a mess but you can’t look away. And you shouldn’t! Watching the Presidential Debate is important, but we thought we would help you make it a little more fun- in a very cheap way. We have a list of red wine, some a great bargain while some you’re getting what you pay for. It’ll be sure to add some extra entertainment while watching the debate. Here are 9 crappy red wines you can drink while watching a less than perfect presidential debate:

Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir ($3.99) Friendly warning: drink it in tiny sips.

Underwood Pinot Noir ($5.49) Don’t smell it. Just drink it.

Grifone Primitive ($4.49) The taste is stronger with a lingering aftertaste

Trentatre 33 Rosso ($5.99) It’s one of the less drinkable despite not being the cheapest

Jebediah Drinkwells Meritage ($5.99) The cork can be tricky on this one

Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Shiraz ($2.99) It has a bit off a coffee undertone

Vineyard Creek Merlot ($7.49) Fruity- in a good way

Chateau Diana Cabernet Sauvignon ($6.99) You might want to be a little drunk before trying this one