giphyThe world of vino can seem like a daunting one. So to help all the intimidated wine drinkers out there, we collected some expert advice from sommeliers and wine shop owners to compile some tips:

1. According to the experts, white wines should not be served ice cold, instead you should chill it, open it, let it breath. Don’t drink it until it gets a little warmer. This way you are able to taste all of the wine’s nuances.

2. Not all rosés are sweet. Drier rosés often have lower alcohol content and hail from regions such as Provence and Long Island. So enjoy all different types of our favorite pink drink.

3. A good rule of thumb: if a wine comes from a particular region, then chances are it will go well with food native to that same region. So go ahead and take that nice bottle of Italian wine and pair it with a heaping plate of pasta carbonara.

4. Riesling often gets the reputation of being one of the sweetest wines out there, but Rieslings from places like Austria and Australia are actually dry and crisp.

5. Sweet wines can be enjoyed with more than just dessert. In fact, sweet wines apparently go extremely well with many Asian cuisines. We’ll have to give that one a try!