We’re doing it. We’re bringing YOLO back. We don’t care what the haters say.

Judge us all you want. But we have some SOLID reasons that this acronym needs to make a comeback:

1) Drake.giphy-18

He pretty much started this whole thing, so if you want to blame anyone for YOLO taking over the world, blame him. But how could you hate that beautiful face?

2) People aren’t living in the now.twenty20_46879da5-6735-4bff-b351-725fea769c71

Ever look around what you’re in a crowded place? Almost every single person will have their nose glued to their phone. We aren’t claiming innocence here; we are definitely guilty of doing the same thing. We’re all starting to miss out on every day moments. That ain’t cool. And FYI- being present is a great stress reliever

3) You actually only live once.giphy-17

We know. Obvious statement. But sometimes you have to remind yourself that today is the only day you’re promised. So make sure you enjoy it. Preferably with a beer/cocktail/whatever-you-drink in hand.

4) Unplanned plans are the best plans.giphy-16

Going with the flow usually turns into the best memories. The best parties are the ones that happen by chance.

5) Tomorrow is overrated.

Sometimes you have to say, “screw it,” and forget about being tired (or hungover) tomorrow. Take some notes from Jose Cuervo. They know how to get the party started because tomorrow might not be a great excuse for putting off tonight.