1. International Kissing Day: That’s right folks today is International Kissing Day which means bottoms up until he/she is worth kissing.


2. National Fried Chicken Day: What goes better with Fried Chicken than beer? Nothing according to us. Pour a glass, grab a bucket and partake in the festivities of this July 6th “holiday”.


3. Sport Worthy Drinking: The 2012 Wimbledon Champ will be crowned this weekend and one of Baseball’s biggest rivalries (Yankees/Red Sox) meet up in Boston. We’ll be cheers’ing the victors and preparing shots for the losers. And we think some Boston players we’ll appreciate this week’s second reason to drink.


4. Heatwave: Holy hotness. Even the most refreshing beverages may not save us from the heat but we’re certainly going to try. Cheers to ordering everything and anything on the rocks.


5. Andy Griffith: We’re raising our glass to toast the late, great, Andy Griffith. Thanks for all the entertainment.