1. Mother’s Day- We’re hoping you already know Sunday is Mother’s Day, but if not, you’re welcome. Hopefully you can remember the card and wine on your own.


2. American Craft Beer Week- May 14th is the first day of American Craft Beer Week. Since you’re all spending Sunday with your mothers we expect to see your game faces on Monday.


3. 2012 Olympic Flame- The torch for the 2012 Olympics has been lit and it’s on the move. It starts in Greece and ends in London for the July 27th opening ceremony. Cheers to 2,700 years of tradition.


4. Graduation- We’re raising a glass to all the college grads that are officially on summer vacation. Enjoy it as long as you can kids.


5. Silishot- The first indestructible silicone shot glass has arrived. Among its many uses, golf tee is our favorite. With the warm weekend ahead, you can see where this is headed. Cheers to an interesting walk back to the clubhouse.