giphy-1It’s a long weekend, let’s drink.

1) It’s Thanksgiving weekend. For most of us, that means dealing with family and all their pressing questions. No, Uncle Stephen, I did not get that promotion at work. And no, grandma, I do not have a significant other and no, please do not set me up with your friend’s creepy single son/daughter. Yeah, you’re going need another glass of wine to get through this day.

2) The holiday season is upon us. Whether you’re super into Christmas or can’t stand the holidays, it’s the season of drinking. It’s a time where the world seems a little nicer, and we could all use that.

3) It’s Black Friday. People go wild to get the best deals. If your family wakes up at 4 AM and drags your a$$ to the mall, throw some Bailey’s in that coffee. Or if your family doesn’t partake in the insane shopping spree, spike your coffee with some Bailey’s anyways- you deserve it.

4) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is coming out on Netflix. The population is divided when it comes to Gilmore Girls. Either you’ve been counting down the days and are planning on binging the 4-episode series or you despise the show and can’t wait for the hype to die down. Regardless of your GG stance, it’s time to pour a fat glass of wine and chill.

5) This year was weird and interesting- good news there’s only 37 days left. Hallelujah,  2016 is almost over. On a global scale, a lot of negative things have happened this year. So most of us will definitely be throwing (multiple) drinks back to celebrate the end of these past 365 days.